About us

Here at Docklands Security Barriers we specialise in the provision of Hostile Vehicle Barriers to a range of end users including Police, military, stadium and event organisations. Our unique barriers offer protection to areas which are vulnerable to attacks from a range of vehicles who’s intention is to threaten or endanger life.

Our barriers use a modular system that is designed to stop a vehicles momentum before it reaches its target. The vehicle is disabled quickly and the debris field is significantly reduced due to the construction of barrier

The barriers are designed to be installed quickly with the minimum of tooling and roads and perimeters can be closed and controlled within minutes.

Pivot system

Our pivot system allows the barriers to converted to a gated system that allows for easy manoeuvring of the barriers. This is ideal for controlling the vehicles that require entry and exit to a perimeter.

Our barriers are PAS 68, IWA 14 and are manufactured to the highest quality and standards supported ISO 9001

Our hostile vehicle barriers are available for purchase or hire and can be taken for any time period over days months or even years.

Email us at info@docklandssecuritybarriers.co.uk or call on 0203 858 9612 for more information.

Our Team

Matthew Barrett

Matthew Barrett

Sales Director for Docklands Security Barriers

Matthew Barrett is the Sales Director for DSB and has a wealth of experience in marketing and sales. Matthew has operated in a number of different industries including recruitment, financial services and retail and is also a former Police Officer with the City of London Police.

John Goodwill

John Goodwill

Operations Director for Docklands Security Barriers

John is a former Detective in the Anti – Terrorist branch of the Metropolitan Police Service. He served in this role for just under 10 years and was involved with many, high level investigations concerning terrorists threats to our country.

He was also a lead in the delivery of Operation Griffin which offered advice to the business community on threats from terrorism. Since retiring from the Police service John developed a particular interest in hostile vehicle mitigation (hvm) and in the products and services available for protecting life and infrastructure from terrorists or criminals prepared to use vehicles as a weapon.

Having looked at this area John realised that there was a considerable gap in the provision of temporary or mobile hostile vehicle mitigation solutions. Having looked at the market with his colleague and sales Director,  Matthew Barrett he saw the massive potential and advantages of the modular barrier systems and their ease of use with a pivotal system that allowed sections to be converted to a gate for the facilitation of traffic in and out of a sterile area.

John is the ideal person to consult with and assist with any needs in this area of counter terrorism and can be contacted on 0203 858 9612 or emailed at john@docklandssecuritybarriers.co.uk.

Stephanie Lawley

Stephanie Lawley

Finance Director for Docklands security Barriers

Stephanie is a former IT Specialist at one of the worlds largest law firms and spent much of her early business life in the City. Stephanie delivered IT support and training services to the personnel in London and other offices around the world including Hong Kong and Europe.

Following a career break, Stephanie returned to work as an Office Manager with a Traffic Management company. Having made operational and structural changes she oversaw the day to day running and, as the company grew, so did Stephanie’s role and she was instrumental in the company’s development as leader in the delivery of Traffic management programs

Stephanie is responsible for all aspects of finance strategy and control for Docklands Security Barriers and is contactable via email on steph@docklandssecuritybarriers.co.uk.

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