Our third generation mobile modular vehicle barriers are our latest addition to our impressive range of hostile vehicle mitigation solutions. Capable of stopping up to 7.5 tonnes these barriers are robust and visible and provide an effective deterrent against potential vehicle threats.

The massive advantage of the modular barrier is its flexibility

The Modular system allow the barriers to be assembled in any length and within this, the pivot system allows for a designated length to be transformed into a gated section for the smooth entry and exit of authorised vehicles and personnel.

The barriers use patented technology which transfers momentum from vehicle to the ground and is an ideal alternative to concrete blocks, static and other improvised barriers. The barriers are easily assembled and require no special tools

Our barriers are used throughout the world and are the hostile vehicle mitigation solution of choice for the New York Police Department and many other major organisations.

You can see our barriers protecting the roadways around of the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium as well as the Emirates and are now assisting with a number of festivals throughout London.

We have two advisers, John Goodwill and Matthew Barrett that would welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs in this specialised area of infrastructure security and are able to demonstrate and talk about our range of barriers and your HVM requirements

For further information please call on 0203 858 9612 or email info@docklandssecuritybarriers.co.uk

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