The depressing news from New Zealand this morning puts into perspective the enormous task facing the security services around the world. As of writing this the full story behind the attack has not yet been uncovered, however we do know that over forty lives have been lost to an individual, who’s twisted ideology has given him the incentive to massacre innocent individuals.

New Zealand is a peaceful country. Thousands of Brits apply to move there every year and very few return. Crime rates are incredibly low and it has a robust, stable economy. An ideal place to live in every way.

The gunman entered the Al-Noor mosque and live streamed the footage of men, women and children being fired at indiscriminately.

Early information about the perpetrator of this unspeakable act is that he is , in fact an Australian citizen and not known to security services. And there in lies one of the biggest issues facing security services. How many individuals or organisations are ready to carry out such atrocities ?

Many millions have been spent on monitoring and responding to the threat from Islamic terrorism. Buildings and infrastructure are assessed and reassessed and the terrorist targets are often identified using that threat source.

The rise of the extreme right creates a different problem. The attacks from the right wing terrorists are generally not assaults on buildings and infrastructure, its people. The extreme right wing does not care about economies it just cares about hurting those that are different. Those that they perceive are taking from them and keeping intact the purity of their race.

Be in no doubt that the security services need our help. Everyone should be allowed to practice their faith in the firm belief that its a safe place to do so. The mosques in our country will be uneasy and so should the churches and other places of worship. The security services are now having to expand their list of potential targets as the threat of right wing terrorism has moved up another level.