There appears to be a misconception at some events that placing a van, road gritter, refuse vehicle or any other vehicle will be sufficient to act as an hostile vehicle barrier. To temporarily close sites or roads ,some organisers are in danger of placing their staff, public and property at risk. Government protecting crowded places advice from National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NATSCO) states that a multi-layer approach should be adopted utilising the various purpose made products which are available.

Using a vehicle as a barrier is not ideal

Using a vehicle as a barrier is not ideal for the task and identifies flaws in the event planning.

Of course,  cost is major factor in deciding what “vehicle as a weapon” (VAW) solutions may be deployed. Often vehicles from Police services   refuse lorries, gritters  as well as concrete barriers are used to prevent and deter vehicle attacks.

The ultimate problem with using this type of barrier is that it is not an obvious deterrent. I believe that obvious and advertised tactics for deterring this type of attack should be uppermost in the mind of those in command. Any hostile reconnaissance should be deterred by a well thought out and visible strategy. The other issue is that the attacking vehicle could well survive an impact. This now creates a greater problem as both vehicles will be damaged and the hostile vehicle may be capable of further attacks.

Many vehicles are leased to local authorities and businesses which, if they were to be used as an, hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) barrier, would invalidate the terms of lease usage and, in my opinion even worse, the insurance would also be invalidated as they exclude “Act of terrorism”. Unless of course there was a specific clause including it, which are few and far between. To put a vehicle in that position is putting it there intentionally in the way of an intended act and not accidental.

As a company Docklands Security Barriers can assist with mitigating the aforementioned issues. Our barriers are movable, freestanding, gated and internationally certificated. Our MVB 3 is being rolled out and used regularly by a number of stadiums and festivals and are incredibly effective for temporary  They are for hire and sale so contact us to discuss your deployment of HVM barriers and contingency plans.