Project Description

Docklands Security Barriers - Capable of stopping a vehicle up to 7.5 Tonnes

Our barriers use technology, based on 20 years of experience in service all over the world. Tested and certified, this lightweight barrier is capable of stopping vehicles with hostile intent, up to 7.5 tonnes.

This modular and portable barrier is ideal on all surfaces and can create a perimeter for any situation or event. Our unique pivot system can create a gated length in any part of the perimeter.

An ideal alternative to concrete blocks, static and improvised barriers

Available for purchase or hire


  • Prevents ramming from a vehicle into restricted areas
  • Patented technology transfers momentum from vehicle to the ground
  • Modular system enables perimeter to be set at any length
  • Suitable for use on sandy, rocky and rough terrain as well as gravel and asphalt
  • Safety lights and signs


  • Assembly is simple
  • Enhances safety
  • Visible deterrent
  • Takes minutes to assemble or remove
  • Easy to transport
  • No tools required
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Tested and certified

IWA 14-:2013

  • Tested and certified at 2,500Kg@48km/hr (5,513Ibs.@29.83mi/h)
  • Penetration 10.9m (35.76ft)
  • Tested and certified at 7,500Kg @32km/hr (16,538 Ibs.@19.88 mi/h
  • Penetration 10.4m (34.12ft)


PAS 68 :2013

  • Tested and certified at 2,500Kg@48Km/hr (5,513Ibs@29.83Mi/h)
  • Penetration 9.7m (31.83ft)
  • Tested and certified at 7,500 Kg@32km/hr (16,538 Ibs.@19.88 mi/h)
  • Penetration 9m (29.53ft)

ASTM – F2656-15

  • Tested and certified at 2,500Kg@48Km/hr (5,513Ibs. @ 29.83mi/h)
  • Penetration 9.7m (31.83ft)
  • ~667 KJ Energy absorption

Dimensions per unit

Length: 118cm (3.87ft)

Width: 53cm (1.74ft)

Height: 82cm (2.7ft)

Weight: 24Kg (52.9Ibs)